Creating Customer Lifetime Value

"Pearl transitioned us from thinking about our customers to being obsessed about our customers."

Steve Chapman
Co-Founder - Aromafi

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Lead Generation
and Acquisition

Qualified leads are humans whom we can help by using our technology to solve their problems. Let us help you develop a strategy that treats leads like humans and solves problems.

Leads Don't Live in Funnels.
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Anyone can deliver data points. We help you see the people behind the data. Get the insights you need to make human connections with your most valuable customers and prospects.

I'm a Person. Not a Persona.
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Customer and Prospect Insights

There's research and there's empathy. You need both. We fuse analytics with insights to attract your most valuable contacts and move them to buy your products and services.

Use Logic to Tap Emotions.
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Segment Development

No two customers are alike. However, from time to time, leads and customers exhibit similar characteristics or behaviors. Let us surface the most impactful segments, so you can play moneyball with your data.

Relationship Lifecycle Analysis

Refresh your database by sending it through a patent-pending process called the Relationship Lifecycle (RLC). See your best, most loyal, newest and most profitable relationships, in a humanized visualization.

Database Health & Valuation Services.

Pearl keeps a watchful eye on the valuation and health of your customer data file. With our ongoing services plan, we enable you to stay customer obsessed 24/7 without needing to hire your own team to monitor your database. You get back to running the business. We’ll create and execute an ongoing database health plan as your outsourced department.

Clean Data in Action

Fragmented data can cause all kinds of problems. Let Pearl’s team de-duplicate and provide truth in your data. Trying to run customer centric campaigns across multiple platforms? Hard to attribute wins? Let us orchestrate your marketing outreach.

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"We contracted to work with Pearl and our relationship with Pearl has grown to become one of our core partnerships. They've got a vision for taking marketing to a new level of personalization and it comes through for each client they bring on."

Colin Giblin
Director of eCommerce
Turtle Fur