Customer Obsession, as a Service

PearlKnows™ is our customer obsessed strategic services group. You have a ton of data. PearlKnows™ exactly what to do with it.

Customer Acquisition

Better process. Better data. Better leads.

You need high quality leads. But you won't reach your lead goals by hammering the same old databases and hitting prospects with the same tired messages.

Pearl Knows™ generates high quality leads for your brand by leveraging Pearl's knowledge of your next best customer. Our demand generation services contribute both high value MQLs and SQLs to your organization's data file.

With our approach, you get lower opt-out, higher engagement and better conversion. The result? Highly qualified prospects who are much more likely to become new customers.

Customer Engagement

Humans don't live in funnels

The traditional marketing funnel doesn't reflect how real people purchase things. In the digital age, you need to deliver content and build relationships with your customers as they move from channel to channel throughout all stages of the buying process.

We blend expertise in lead engagement and content marketing to help you nurture relationships along the buyer's path to purchase through all the zigs and zags. Our team of copywriters craft compelling messages and calls-to-action that make your buyers click, open, share and download content in all its forms.

Customer Experience

Tap the emotions that move people to buy

Our design team works with you to understand your key messages and communicate them through smartly-branded content and spot-on digital solutions including:

  • E-commerce design and integration
  • Digital Design
  • Advertising
  • Brand Development and Brand Systems
  • User Experience and User Interface Design
  • Information Architecture

With our award-winning creative services, we forge strong connections between what your prospects want and what you're selling, making it easier to attract new customers and close sales.

Customer Insights

Audience Analytics

The first step in building strong relationships with your customer base is to understand them. Through a patent-pending customer scoring process, we're able to categorize your customers into the most effective target marketing segments.

Segment Development

No two customers are alike. However, from time to time, leads and customers exhibit similar characteristics and behaviors. Let us identify the most impactful segments so you can play moneyball with your customer data.

Relationship Lifecycle Analysis

Refresh your database by sending it through our patent-pending process called "the Relationship Lifecycle (RLC)". See your best, most loyal, and profitable relationships in a humanized visualization interface.

Database Health and Valuation Services

Pearl keeps a watchful eye on the valuation and health of your customer data file. With our ongoing services plan, we enable you to stay customer obsessed 24/7 without needing to hire your own team to monitor your database. You get back to running your business while we create and execute an ongoing database health plan as your outsourced marketing and data science department.

Clean Data in Action

Fragmented data can cause all kinds of problems. Let Pearl's team de-duplicate and provide truth to your data. Trying to run customer centric campaigns across multiple platforms? Hard to attribute wins? Let us orchestrate your marketing outreach. Pearl will get it done.