Data-Driven Marketing Wisdom
Pearl simplifies customer data and delivers actionable insights that improve marketing performance.
Visualize the Customer's Journey

Your brand's contact profiles are dynamically organized into Pearl’s Relationship Lifecycle (RLC) as Passers-by, Acquaintances, Fans, Friends and Family depending on the depth of their relationship with your brand. See the path to migrate each customer to greater loyalty and optimize your database composition and value.

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praise for pearl
TurtleFur Colin Giblin Director of eCommerce

"The new Pearl software platform allows us to change our tactics from deploying repetitive emails to every single prospect and customer by enabling us to speak one-on-one to the real person on the other side of the screen. With Pearl, our prospects, fans and customers aren't simply data points in our database. We think of our Turtle Fur customers as "family" and with Pearl, it helps us foster these feelings and our actions."
AromaFi Steven Chapman Co-Founder

"Pearl transitioned us from thinking about our customers to being obsessed with our customers. By implementing their technology we were able to develop amazing lifecycle campaigns to effectively engage our highest valued customers and precisely capture key data."
Drive loyalty, more purchases, more engagement and greater revenue by utilizing Pearl's Customer Data Platform (CDP) to understand and communicate with customers 1:1
Conversion Driving Incremental Revenue
Pearl drives incremental revenue by empowering marketers with the data-driven wisdom required to deliver relevant and timely messaging that will move prospects to buyers and buyers to loyal multi-time buyers.

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Unlock the Power of Pearl™ to drive customer lifetime value and overall revenue by visualizing and optimizing brand relationships