Your Brand’s Customized Marketing Data Assessment™

An Actionable Analysis of Seven Critical Customer Data Categories for Your e-Commerce Business

Get the Scores and Analysis Needed to Improve Your Customer Data with Pearl’s Marketing Data Assessment™

The MDA provides scores and analysis against category benchmarks so you can see the current condition of your customer data. Pearl also provides supporting, drill-down data for each category in this comprehensive report.

Additionally, your custom MDA identifies how you can optimize your customer data using projections from the data sample you provided for this report. Now you can quantity the impact of improved data quality and robust customer profiles will have on your marketing database.

Get the analysis needed to improve your customer data with Pearl’s Marketing Data Assessment and maximize your ability to deliver targeted personalized brand experiences that will drive marketing performance — at no cost to you!

Requesting Your MDA™ is Simple and Secure.

  1. Provide your Customer Success contact with the total size of your customer data file (number of contacts).
  2. We will send you the minimum statistically relevant number of contacts required to run your customized MDA.
  3. We will forward a simple field layout for formatting your data extract.
  4. Pearl supplies you with secure file transfer instructions.
  5. Once your file is securely transferred, we will confirm receipt and send you an expected completion date for your MDA.
  6. Your report will be delivered as a PDF file and we will schedule a short video conference with our Marketing Data team to review the results .

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